Work With us to Reduce Carbon Emissions and Reduce Your Fuel and Transport Bills

BME Home and Transport Energy Efficiency Challenge Project


Following last year's highly successful CCF funded Home Energy Use Reduction project, FRAE Fife is continuing its campaign to reduce domestic fuel bills and get more BME households out of Fuel Poverty. We are working with another 100 households to reduce energy and transport costs and to increase awareness of climate change and carbon footprint reduction in the wider community. 


The Project focuses on two key themes:


1. Savings in transport fuel emissions by reducing single occupancy car use and unnecessary fuel consumption by encouraging communities to:

  • fuel efficient driving
  • share car journeys
  • use public transport rather than the car
  • cycle or walk

2. Reduction in Home Energy Consumption of 100 BME households across Fife by an average of 10% by encouraging behaviour changes such as:


  • turning heating thermostat down by 1 degree
  • using energy monitors and Smart plugs
  • installing loft insulation
  • installing draught proofing
  • installing solar panels
  • repairing or replacing a boiler
  • reducing fridge/freezer settings

FRAE Fife offers support in the following:

  • advice, information and practical support in appropriate languages
  • free-of-charge loan of energy monitors
  • changing tariff
  • switching energy supplier


Please Contact FRAE Fife for more information and advice regarding this project. 

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